For Patients

01 pre op





  • 01. Medications
    • Your medications will be discussed in detail during your pre-admission interview. Please make sure the nurse knows about any prescription medicines, non-prescription medicines, vitamins, herbs, or supplements you may be taking. Please bring all bottles of prescription and non-prescription items to your pre-admission interview and the day of surgery.

      Some medicine such as aspirin, aspirin containing compounds, Coumadin, Pradaxa or Plavix impair the body's ability to form a clot and stop bleeding. Based on your needs, specific details on these medications will be discussed at the time of your interview.

      You will be instructed on what medicines you should and should not take in the days leading up to your surgery and on the morning of the surgery itself. If you have diabetes and take insulin or another diabetes medicine, instructions will be provided on how to adjust your medicine on the day of surgery when you will not be eating.

      Certain surgeries require a bowel cleanout. If you have been given a bowel prep sheet, please follow the directions.

  • 02. Day Before Surgery
    • You are in good hands at NYSCQ, because your surgeon wouldn’t have it any other way. The nursing staff at NYSCQ is committed to providing quality patient care and excellent customer service, beginning with the pre-operative call the day prior to surgery.

      At NYSCQ we understand that you are a person with real anxieties and questions and our staff members are happy to answer any questions you may have about your surgical experience. At this time the nurse will confirm the date and time of surgery, tell you when to arrive, what to bring (or to leave home), and give you any instructions necessary such as what medications to take before surgery and whether you may eat or drink.

      We also require that you have a responsible adult with you the day of surgery. This person should be willing to review discharge instructions with the nursing staff and transport you safely home. While you are in surgery, this person can wait in our pleasant lobby and will be called to the recovery room once you are ready for discharge.